Chantal-HarveyAre you looking for a short animated video for your website or project? Are you looking for something that makes you stand out? Contact me.

As a publisher and an artist, I have been working with Real Time Animation since 2007. Examples can be found HERE and under ‘machinima on this website.

My background lays in art, Dutch television, and Animation’, also known as ‘Machinima‘. Where many are familiar with  CGI, (‘Computer Generated Images’), you will not find machinima used very much in main stream media. Yet!

So what is it? Well it is the art of using your computer as a film camera. With dedicated software, I direct and film in virtual sets, in game platforms and platforms like Second Life. This way I produce cost-effective animated films,  manipulating computer  graphics.

A little like jumping inside your computer and directing animated characters, creating  your own film crew, with your own film studio. It is not as flexible as ‘CGI’ because the main frame mapping is preset, but it is so much more cost effective and a ton of fun. There are some examples on the website, under machinima.


I started working with machinima after completing film school in Belgium, I was attracted by the creativity and possibilities it offers. You really are only limited by your own imagination and by how much you have mastered the concepts that are involved. Because the cost of machinima  production is so low compared to any other form of animation, there is a whole new market opening up, in education, children’s entertainment, art, multimedia, books and commercials.

Currently I am working with a team of professionals on children’s books, using advanced animations. A series of educational and fun stories will introduce you to the Bobbekins and the BuddyBirds, told by our fabulous FairyOwl, and these little fantasy creatures that will capture the world and your heart!