Chantal-HarveyIf you visit this site looking for a different kind of animation, a professional machinima short for education, art, commercial, music, storytelling? Or work with an experienced speaker and team/project pro? Contact me.          

I create Real Time Animation since 2007, many years with my business partner Tony Dyson, who created R2-D2 for Star Wars. Examples can be found here and under ‘machinima on this website.

I am an artist (I paint), camera woman/editor and machinima producer.

The first 2 need no explanation, but what is machinima? To me, it is the art of using your computer as a film camera.  I direct and film in virtual worlds like Second Life, which allows me to create and custom build any set needed.

chantalharvey-avatarI started working with machinima after completing film school in Belgium. I was drawn by the creativity of virtual worlds. You really are only limited by your own imagination and by how much you have mastered the concepts that are involved. It took me years to reach a professional level. The cost of machinima production is quite low, and with VR devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, there is a whole new market opening up.

My favorite project in 2016 is a series about Robi, a little robot that lost her head.

I am working with a team of professionals on children’s books, using advanced animations. A series of educational and fun stories will introduce you to the Bobbekins and the BuddyBirds.