RobotWorld – the one and only !!

Welcome to RobotWorld!

May 14, 2017: RobotWorld 003 is doing great!

Comments, feedback, likes and shares are appreciated of course.

Picture this: an animated series about a happy little robot on a virtual planet.

After the pilot and the second little animated film went online in 2015 and 2016. Today, May 8 2017, the official release of RobotWorld 003 goes public. The little happy camper finds another head, for sure.

Go to the film HERE

001: Pilot Robotworld – Oh My Head! (animation)

002: Robotworld Happy Dance (ants in my pants)

003: noted!



This domain name was set up by the creator of R2D2 for Star Wars, if you are interested please contact me (EMAILHERE)


1. Robi – Oh my Head (pilot)
2. Robi – has Ants in her Pants (more graphic testing, but fun)
3. RobotWorld 003 – note






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