Live streams

In 2020, I was asked to do live streams for, part of the Dutch Design Week 2020. (DDW)

Due to covid-19 the physical location in Eindhoven remained closed, but online there was a huge manifestation! International artists and audiences participated in virtual worlds like Sansar, Second Life and Osgrid.

To see a short compilation, click HERE

To see all streams 17 – 25th October 2020:

Opening at manifestations Island

Virtual Art Tour at Focus – Coppelia with the artists DB Bailey/Jo Ellsmere/Djehutu-Anpu (voice P-Line and Chantal)

Virtual Art Tour at t r y p t v c r y p t with the artist Cheezus Chrust (voice P-Line and Chantal)

Virtual Art Tour at ‘Hand’ with the artist Bryn Oh (voice P-Line and Chantal)

Party DFM RTV Monster Jam at BURN

Zombie crawl and party d.o.o.b.

Mythical Creatures Party at ‘Hand’ – By @Bryn Oh with SEMINΛ + ColeMarie Soleil

Superspreader’ – Live performance by Saveme Oh and A Limb

Stream Strawberry Linden

dfm-rtv-int MONSTER-Truck Race  2 at Resonance RPG sim ANDdfm-rtv-int DFM RTV INT team Resonance Party /Monster-Avatar Contest with prizes

Virtual Art Tour ‘EYE, robot’ with @Caro Fayray

Virtual Art Tour patrick-moya Q & A with @moyapatrick  (voice P-Line and Chantal) 

Virtual Art Tour ‘Red Death Redux 2020’ by @Nebulosus Severin AND Red Death Redux Party Hosted by @Nebulosus Severin.

t-r-y-p-t-v-c-r-y-p-t Rave – hosted by @cheezus &  t r y p t v c r y p t team at Corn Hub secondlife

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse group LIVE in Concert

Monsters Party FOCUS @ Coppelia – With @Jo Ellsmere, @Thoth Jantzen, DB Bailey

MONSTERS AFTER PARTY at secret location with @everyone.  secondlife  Farewell to Manifestations Island!