4 educational machinima shorts, about the internet of things.

These 4 IOT machinimas were produced in 2015 as part of a collaborative research programme funded by University of Otago and InternetNZ

Dr Tracy Harwood, Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University
Dr Tony Garry, University of Otago
Chantal Harvey, machinima artist
Janet Gaynor, voice actor

1. Introduction
2. At home, circa 2020
3. Health & Wellbeing, circa 2020
4. Getting about, circa 2020



New animated RobotWorld short film is online!
Watch it HERE

* * * * * * * * * *

March 2017:  filming in World of Warcraft. An opera aria, so very very special!

Arido Taurajo
(ALYSIA: Automated LYrical SongwrIting Application) was recently used to create an Italian aria. We trained our songwriting system on Puccini music, calling the resulting system ROBOCCINI.

James Morgan (Faculty at the Department of Art and Art History at SJSU) then collaborated with ROBOCCINI to create the following Italian aria. This aria will be part of a machinima project to be premiered in the PASEO Festival at the Hammer Theater in San Jose on March 8th at 4pm.

This aria tells the story of a female warrior from World of War Craft, struggling to balance her family life with the call to adventure. It is sang by Maya Ackerman, and produced by Nicolas Mauthes. The machine learning system used to make the melody is created by Maya Ackerman, David Loker, and Chris Cassion.

AI songwriting (Roboccini) research & development:
Maya Ackerman
David Loker
Christopher Cassion

Singer: Maya Ackerman
Director, lyrics, roboccini collaborator: James Morgan
Music accompaniment: Nicolas Mauthes
Machinima cinematographer: Chantal Harvey
Italian translation: Matteo Leva
Arido Taurajo melody: Roboccini


No Way!

No Way!





Robi – Pilot (2015)









 The Bobbekin Dance.




Two AM, and I have lost you.




The Joy of Music.




A Woman’s Trial.




 It’s great to be alive.




The Nocturnals – Their Time Has Come.

Their- time- has-come-Chantal-Harvey



The Avatar is Obsolete – STELARC

A live Performance Art by world famous artist Stelarc, in virtual Berlin.
Mr. Stelarc’s avatar performed ‘The body is obsolete’. This machinima shows his avatar as obsolete. Award winning machinima (2009, Atopic Festival Paris) by Chantal Harvey



NoWork – 2009




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