Do we need woman’s day? A wake-up call!

And this is why we have woman’s day. Why do we accept the fact that women are paid less? And with WE, I mean men and women.
Surely a fair system would benefit all?

A lot of employers are just looking for a way to save on wages, it is as simple as that.

Trending in the news today: Male civil servants earn nearly £3,000 per year more on average than women.


Tony Dyson.

Au revoir, Tony Dyson.
Tony passed away on March 2, 2016.



I am thankful for the years we worked together and everything that he taught me, and for the inspirational roller-coaster ride that started when we met in Second Life in 2011.

Tony became my friend, teacher and business partner and we started a film production company called Scissores, producing machinima or as Tony called it: Real Time Animation.

Tony became head of jury when I produced the 48 Hour Film Project Machinima.
After working together online for 2 years,  we met in Finland and later in Gozo (Malta) and started working on educational and promotional machinima shorts and a book ‘Clive & Sue and the Medieval Farm’.
We created The Bobbekins movie, an animated short film, which I will be submitting to festivals soon.
While carrying on with our machinima work, nobody will miss you as much as I do.
With a different view on the world since we met, I thank you for re-activating the artist in me.

Some of our films:
Their time will come
It’s great to be alive
Robotworld, Sam and Sam
Android Love
Artists in the desert

The Virtual Reality Cinema

The very first VR Cinema is opening in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Wait – where is the silver screen????
Picture this: you will find yourself on stage with your favorite band, fly helicopters, fly into many adventures with your most loved movie stars ….. and much more.

VRcinemaAmsterdam The VR Cinema is a place where everybody has the opportunity to get familiar with virtual reality and where even VR experts will be surprised.

Watch movies like you’ve never done before. For one, noisy bags of crisps, ringing mobile phones and noisy visitors belong to the past. There are no traditional red cinema chairs and also the big white screen is nowhere to be seen.

See you there!

The VR cinema Amsterdam:
Oosterdokskade 5
1011 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 20 233 99 88

The future of virtual reality

The future of virtual reality and moviemaking.



Pixar’s Ed Catmull: It’s not storytelling
David Attenborough: It gives you a dozen different stories
Chet Faliszek: You can slow gamers down
Mike Woods: VR demands interaction
Nicole Stenger: Hyperreality is a trend
Werner Herzog: We might live in VR
Baptiste Charles: VR is an insanely compelling way to tell stories, be they fiction or not
VR Circle: a lot of the excitement related to virtual reality has to do with the film industry, where the whole concept has disruptive potential.
The Wrap: it will likely be indie filmmakers who first master the format, Hollywood will follow


Ruutje Ramseier, Peter Pan.

A personal story, maybe it is that time of the year.

I have to tell you about an old friend, whom I met 30 years ago in Rotterdam. In the 80-ties, I was a regular in Radio Cafe Rijnmond, where artists, journalists, writers and other nutters met. It has become quite legendary, but there aren’t many traces on the internet. No such thing, back then!

cafe rijnmond






In 2014, Ruut heard he had cancer. He passed away in December 2015.

I remember how I first met him, in Radio Cafe Rijnmond. I sat next to him at the bar, politely said hello, and with a naughty look he replied: please don’t talk to me, I am busy waiting for the most loved person in my life. I nodded and expected a pretty lady to walk in at any time, as he was so eagerly focusing on the door.

The door opened, and instead of a local beauty-queen a local musician walked in – Pierre van Duyl. The very same friend that stood by him 30 years later, day and night, and walked him to his grave.

The passing of Ruut has shaken me up, more than I expected. After a special friendship of 13 years we lost contact for the last 17 years, when I moved away from Rotterdam.  It feels as if a door to a special part of my life has been closed, gone – but not forgotten. He was one of those people that make you feel special. I met many friends of him at the funeral last week, and all have exceptional stories to tell about him. Never a dull moment, he was a musician, writer, artist, a storyteller and above all naughty, the closest to Peter Pan outside the silver screen.

Many men believe they are Peter Pan, mostly as a good excuse for rude behavior, or wishful thinking 🙂 and acting selfishly childish. Ruut Ramseier never claimed the ‘Pan- status’, no need. He was the one that came to my rescue when I was stress-fully preparing for the first expo of my paintings, he worked night and day to varnish and craft wooden frames, and drank all of my booze while doing it. He protected and comforted me during a nasty robbery, he nicked my cigarettes and food, he gave me the key to his studio to choose one of his artworks for myself, he borrowed and lost my stuff (or gave it away), he walked right through a pool in the park with a tray of champagne (he only realized how deep it was when his head went almost under, I ll never forget the ‘uh-oh’ look in his eyes) just to impress my father, he would look after my dog but forget to walk it, he gave a notorious opening speech at a second exposition – I wonder if anybody remembers his chess game vernissage in Cafe Rijnmond?






He was the art- auctioneer when I bought one of my favorite paintings of Jano ten Haaf, where I kept raising my own bid, bidding against myself while he kept calling me a vlaai (google that, haha) – a funny spontaneous act-for-2 in public:

Ruut: 50, anybody?
Me: 50.
Ruut: anybody else?
Me: 100
Ruut: hey vlaai, you are bidding against yourself!
Me: 200
Ruut: 200, any more vlaaien here to bid?
Me: 250
Ruut: sold. I rescued you from bankruptcy, vlaai.

Wait- before you think I am crazy …. I knew the artist, who was living a disabled and poor life, I loved the painting, and felt it was not right that such a work would sell for 50 only. Oh and the faces of the audience, priceless! Crazy is a compliment to me, anyway.

Ruut and I were in love, while he kept telling me we were not, at least I should not be in love with him. Well, mister bigmouth, that was not for you to decide! After a romantic storm, we soon went back to base, meaning back to being friends. I love it when that happens, it is rare after all.

My friend Mario and I went to say goodbye to him on December 13, 2015. Ruut’s naughty eyes were sad, but warm, and he was preparing to let go. His friends were there, setting up a Christmas tree and looking after him, day and night, and making sure he had his beloved jenever at hand at all times.  Pierre van Duyl, the friend he was waiting for 30 years earlier, was there.  Ruut’s  eyes lit up when he said: my best friend Pierre is always here, for me.


Ruut’s facebook page has gone now, I really wanted to give him my own virtual memorial blog.



Some links:

In memoriam, Stefan van Hoek

Ramseier, Jim Postma

Afscheid, Tineke Speksnijder

Expo Chantal in Radio Cafe Rijnmond

Photographs tandenstokersmachine Ruut Ramseier

Ruut’s funeral (22 seconds) 23-12-2015











Photograph: Tim Broeke





Cupcake’s Christmas, an animated short story

Our team, Jewell Theatre, entered the  48 Hour Film Project Machinima competition (2015).
Within 48 hours we made this film: Cupcake’s Christmas – a great team-effort. We won several awards, and would enter the contest any time, again!

Our genre was:     Holiday
Character:               Luke Goodwin, a spiritual Guru
Prop:                           a broom
Line of dialogue:  I want it, and I want it now.

happy endings_001

List of filmfestivals worldwide

My friend NicolleX Moonwall sent me this great list, featured festivals on FilmFreeway, and I thought I would share it. I strongly recommend FilmFreeway!





The Paris CinefesT

The Russian International Film Festival

IndieFlicks , Ziferblat, Manchester

The International Online Web Fest

The Polish International Film Festival

The London Indie Film Festival

The Horror and Thriller Italian International FilmFest

The Moscow Online International Film Festival

Roma Cinema DOC

The John Muir Wildlife & Ecology Film Festival

Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival

Move Me Productions , Antwerp, Belgium

1st Swedish International Film Festival

The London Shows Film Festival

The Ukrainian international short film festival

The Lisbon International Film Festival

The Verona International Film Festival , Venice (Italy)

The Paris Online Film Festival

La Muestra de cortometrajes de La Cuna , Spain

„Experimental Superstars” Novi Sad, Serbia.

MINI MOVIE FEST is an International Film Festival , La.

Film Future Festival ,Aust


Digital Griffix online film festival

The Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (HKAFF)

The Martinique International Film Festival

Barcelona Planet Film Festival


The Film Festival “Artplay”, Moscow Russian

Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF ) Israel

“Tv in Shorts”, Argentina

1st Annual Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival.Canada

Independent international Animation Festival Funny Cat , Russian

The Hill Country Film Festival , Fredericksburg , Texas

USA, International and Canadian Film Categories SBE’s Hamilton (New York) International FilmFest

7 days to go

Next weekend, November 13 – 15, 2015 – the 48 Hour Film Project for Machinima kicks off!
I joined an amazing team, my job will be film and edit, and I cannot express how excited I am, and looking forward to the weekend!
We have the best writer, musician, scripter, actors, location, artists, pushing ourselves to the limit while having fun too!

I am keeping the name of the team a secret, for now 🙂

I entered the very first 48HFP Machinima in 2008, my film was called : SL 042 – the bus to nowhere
(wow, looking back, what a monster, LOL) I swore I would never enter again.

In 2009 I joined a friends team, Codewarrior Carling’s team was called IdeaJuice, our film was Beachball Bingo.

When I heard that the 48HFP was looking for a producer for Machinima, I applied and got the job!
I produced for several years, found great jury members like Peter Greenaway and Tony Dyson, and it was so much fun!
Still, I kept feeling that I wanted to enter the contest, one day, again.
So, that day has come, 3 years after my last involvement.

All I can say is: if you are seriously into machinima, you should enter this contest!

November brings new adventures.

November 2015, and I find myself working on 2 projects, getting back into machinima – full speed ahead!
First one is an assignment by Empire.Kred – my cool cat will tell you all about this social media booster!


Robi is entangled in a brand new adventure, this time in a famous location in Second Life, the Petrovsky Flux, created by the Spencer museum of Art in Kansas. Will she find a new head? 2 Still shots, taken from my editline ….