7 days to go

Next weekend, November 13 – 15, 2015 – the 48 Hour Film Project for Machinima kicks off!
I joined an amazing team, my job will be film and edit, and I cannot express how excited I am, and looking forward to the weekend!
We have the best writer, musician, scripter, actors, location, artists, pushing ourselves to the limit while having fun too!

I am keeping the name of the team a secret, for now 🙂

I entered the very first 48HFP Machinima in 2008, my film was called : SL 042 – the bus to nowhere
(wow, looking back, what a monster, LOL) I swore I would never enter again.

In 2009 I joined a friends team, Codewarrior Carling’s team was called IdeaJuice, our film was Beachball Bingo.

When I heard that the 48HFP was looking for a producer for Machinima, I applied and got the job!
I produced for several years, found great jury members like Peter Greenaway and Tony Dyson, and it was so much fun!
Still, I kept feeling that I wanted to enter the contest, one day, again.
So, that day has come, 3 years after my last involvement.

All I can say is: if you are seriously into machinima, you should enter this contest!

Introducing Robi – new machinima series 2015

Robi. Pronounce: Raaabi.
The meaning of the name is `Brilliant, Illuminated Fame, Bright Fame, Famously Famous, Bright Famous One, Shining with Fame”


I am not broken
I lost my head
I was left behind, forgotten
I alone am Robi

Robi is an optimistic little robot, left behind on a deserted planet. As a true heroine she  explores, happily, always finding new beauty – and hoping to find a new head.

The machinima will go public soon, on this website.
ART: Mistero Hifeng
MUSIC: Alexander Blu – ‘new day’
AVATAR: Web Gearbox
PRODUCTION: Chantal Harvey
SET: Cammino e Vivo Capovolto , Blossom Land
Filmed in Second Life, trademark of Linden Research, inc

robi 01.Still003



PAH-FEST in the virtual world of Second Life


Thursday,12 Jul 2012 at 10 AM PAC time/19.00 CET – you can watch this event live:

URL for live video stream


Machinima filmmakers from across the globe will be meeting in Second Life to be part of Coppola’s Project Accessible Hollywood Festival,  @ SIM Orange22

Participants for the panel include Tony Dyson, the EMMY nominated man behind the famous R2D2 robot, Chantal Harvey, producer for Scissores, 48HFP and the MMIF.orgVincent Lowe creator of the the series “How Far Jafar” and “Be My Guest” ,  Maximillian Merlin, Pooky AmsterdamOlaf BarbosaRosco Teardrop.


Travelling across the United States and overseas, PAH-FEST is a groundbreaking digital media festival that celebrates the stories and voices of everyday people. Through a variety of FREE contests, local participants are invited to create their own short digital films with pro-sumer cameras and video-enabled mobile phones provided by the Festival. Experienced industry “coaches” help festival participants realize their vision within the allotted timeframe. Winning films are screened in a closing ceremony, and posted online for an international audience.

Do you have a story idea that would make A GREAT SHORT FILM? Do you have a story about something important to you that only you can tell? Do you want to impress your family, friends and neighbors, and compete for cash prizes? Winning teams will gather at PAH-FEST to write, produce, shoot and edit their 6 minute story. PAH-FEST will provide everything needed to make their movies for free: a prosumer camera, an editing system and coaches, plus a one-day crash course to help prepare for production. Movies will be screened at Festival Closing Ceremony, and a cash prize awarded to the winner.

Check Out Past Winners