The day we found PIP.

A look-back – September 19, 2014.

That day my friend Janet and I found something in my garden, tiny tiny – and it moved. No, it was not a mouse, but a 4 day old kitten. We took her in, called her Pip, and she made it – against all odds.


Pip is named after Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world – she can lift a horse with one hand.

Well, Pip can’t lift a horse, but she sure is a fighter.


64 grams is not a lot to go on, poor little kitten.


After 48 hours of struggling to keep her alive, I decided to take her to the vet. And that is where we all got lucky – sometimes all it takes is a bit of luck. A mother cat was admitted that same day for a cesarean– and our little babylady joined that litter of kittens.  Mummy cat Dimphy took good care of our little baby.



The lady that looked after Dimphy became a good friend. During the next 10 weeks, we were invited (weekly) to visit Pip at Marjolijn’s house, which gave us a perfect opportunity to bond, and for me to take photographs.

Pip’s survival tour in 8 pictures:









Then, one year later (24-01-2015)  we found another stray in our garden, a little baby boy that now lives with us too, and we named him BenBen!
Pip and BenBen share the same mother  🙂


I always preferred dogs. But now I could not live without cats, too! Love for pets is a strange thing, it makes life so much better.


See yourself – in a Virtual World

Virtual Tech Gadget To See Yourself in Real Life As If in A Virtual World

Fun and fabulous gadget for Oculus Rift users. Seeing yourself in third-person perspective (TPP) in the real world,  is a cool piece of virtual tech! It’s a virtual whirl. This home made Wall-E style add on for Rift looks like a lot of fun to build and could be a novel way to experience the world.… and you can make it out of bits and bolts lying around your home and in your computer.