A look back at my lost garden. New opportunities!

January, 2015 – looking back.

I spent summer 2014 outside, in my garden, which is a plot that had over 40 neglected trees on it. Had, yes,  – we chopped most of the trees as they were over 26 meters tall and it was becoming a dangerous situation, neighbors complaining and regular storm-damage. Yes, I am re-planting this spring.

Looking at all the wood, branches, piles and piles of it laying around, I wondered how something good could come from the devastating left-overs of what once was a beautiful, peaceful garden. A purpose for all the wood. Keep my fireplace going, sure – and I am hoping to sell some of it to cover expenses. During the work I found an abandoned kitten between the branches of a tree, the poor thing was only a few days old, and with the help of my daughter and foster mummy Dimphy (thank you, Marjolijn) it survived! Pip now lives in my house. So my little bush-cat is the first good thing that came from the garden.

Let me show you some pictures, taken during the summer of 2014.

The last day of my enchanted wood – garden.


My Lost Garden.



And here we go, first tree down.




Inspection! Biertje, my little dachshund.


With a little help from my dad

And chicken “Bitchy” (yep that’s her name)

Pip, September 15, 2014. 63 grams….




Pip in fostercare- TY Marjolein, Ron, Dimphy !!



enough photographs, although – how about this? Do you see what I see?

Ok, a bit closer:

7 days to go

Next weekend, November 13 – 15, 2015 – the 48 Hour Film Project for Machinima kicks off!
I joined an amazing team, my job will be film and edit, and I cannot express how excited I am, and looking forward to the weekend!
We have the best writer, musician, scripter, actors, location, artists, pushing ourselves to the limit while having fun too!

I am keeping the name of the team a secret, for now 🙂

I entered the very first 48HFP Machinima in 2008, my film was called : SL 042 – the bus to nowhere
(wow, looking back, what a monster, LOL) I swore I would never enter again.

In 2009 I joined a friends team, Codewarrior Carling’s team was called IdeaJuice, our film was Beachball Bingo.

When I heard that the 48HFP was looking for a producer for Machinima, I applied and got the job!
I produced for several years, found great jury members like Peter Greenaway and Tony Dyson, and it was so much fun!
Still, I kept feeling that I wanted to enter the contest, one day, again.
So, that day has come, 3 years after my last involvement.

All I can say is: if you are seriously into machinima, you should enter this contest!

Introducing Robi – new machinima series 2015

Robi. Pronounce: Raaabi.
The meaning of the name is `Brilliant, Illuminated Fame, Bright Fame, Famously Famous, Bright Famous One, Shining with Fame”


I am not broken
I lost my head
I was left behind, forgotten
I alone am Robi

Robi is an optimistic little robot, left behind on a deserted planet. As a true heroine she  explores, happily, always finding new beauty – and hoping to find a new head.

The machinima will go public soon, on this website.
ART: Mistero Hifeng
MUSIC: Alexander Blu – ‘new day’
AVATAR: Web Gearbox
PRODUCTION: Chantal Harvey
SET: Cammino e Vivo Capovolto , Blossom Land
Filmed in Second Life, trademark of Linden Research, inc

robi 01.Still003



Building a wooden wall

It is a summer project    🙂

I always wanted a wall around my garden. 40 pine trees make a lot of logs, so here I go:






My neighbor is supervising and talking about girlpower….



And the other side of the garden …. another 40 meters to cover, this is a good start though.


I got some 4-legged help


I got some 4-legged help and support, today


Phew!  Almost 40 meters done, and started building at the other sides of the garden too.



Your Photographs aren’t your photographs anymore?

All public events are fair game.

This means photos made of you visiting concerts (singing out loud, so flattering), of your family  at the beach (yeah think of you wearing that bikini – or worse your kid pulling it down ..), visits to restaurants (nothing as becoming as a close-up of you eating in public), or any other public gathering can be used without a worry in the world. Most of us knew that, right? We never expect these photographs appearing on a billboard or bus, at least never without granting permission.

How about the content and media you share on Facebook?
Here is what they state in their new 2015 TOS – which by the way backdates ( !!! ):
You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

So, post a photograph on FB and it is free to use, from there on.

Do you really want certain pictures you posted on FB 4 years ago to appear on billboards/buses? Most of us think that this wont happen anyway; why would anybody want to post my ugly selfie in public space? You could be so wrong (and sorry), and worse; there is nothing you can do about it. No consent needed, no copyright protection, no informing you about any use whats so ever. Picture a personal photograph of your kid, used to advertise dipers – and you were never told about it.


Well, it is too late anyway, even if you delete your FB account right now – and how many of us would do that? Anything shared, ever, is out there and now belongs to Facebook. —   [[chatdislike]] [[iidislyk]]

I wonder how professional photographers handle this, for example there is a store around the corner where I live, they post their photo-shoots on a Facebook fanpage. This was always considered good marketing, you need social media to promote and sell your product, right? Well, if they do not delete their page before January 1 2015, they are handing out freebies. Oh and reach all their customers, who have proudly shared the photographs on their Facebook pages already, for sure…  yep, too late.