Int Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival of Athens

8 Annual March 15, 2013 to March 21, 2013

In 2013 there is a special bonus for Hard Science Fiction shorts: If selected to screen, they will have the chance to screen in a SECOND festival, to be held October 2013. Both through their submission to Sff-rated ATHENS! So, what is a Hard SF film? Freaking wires, syringes etc, but with a “serious” intent. Those that have shot one, know one. Two fests with one submission… Isn’t that festering or what?

Science Fiction & Fantasy is where imagination doesn’t just play the game – it makes the rules. Join us.

The SFF-rated Athens is now in its 8th year, having become a celebrated international short film and feature festival lasting a whole seven+ days.

Think seriously about visiting; we soak the Festival and the audience in absinthe – for free. And we make certain our visiting directors find out what this mysterious Mediterranean/Greek cuisine is all about.

2012 continued the success of 2011, keeping our audience numbers high, and our film and screening quality level even higher.

For 2013, we have kept our submission fees at the same level as in the five previous years, and at the lowest possible level.

Our Audience Awards exist to create a lasting connection between Audience and filmmakers thousands of miles apart. They are: for short films, Short Supreme and Best Idea. For features: Best Film, and our world-wide exclusivity, the Audience Controversy Award.
Our Jury Awards, on the other hand, exist to create even more controversy (Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay).

Visit our blogsite at http://sffrated.wordpress.com to learn more (indeed, everything) about us, and don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alecos Papadopoulos
Chief Festival Officer
Alecos Papadopoulos (Chief Festival Officer) ; Alecos Papadopoulos (Chief Festival Officer) ; Angelos Mastorakis (Artistic Director) ; Angelos Mastorakis (Artistic Director)

Athens International Film + Video Festival (Ohio)

40 Annual  –  April 12, 2013 to April 18, 2013

The Athens International Film and Video Festival‘s purpose is to celebrate independent and alternative motion picture arts. This entails a commitment to: educating our regional audiences about the cinematic arts; and supporting, through presentation, the work of artists from around the globe.

The Athens International Film and Video Festival started in 1974, has continuously since then maintained a vision and identity that celebrates avant-garde, independent, alternative, and world media, from 35mm feature films, 16mm films, video, and now digital media and interactive installations.

We are located in rural southeast Ohio, and often take advantage of our beautiful location to sponsor outdoor screenings and media events.

Our competition for independent media artists includes a broad diversity of artists, genres, and approaches. Prizes are determined by jurors consisting of guest artists, and other professionals in the field.

We are an Academy Qualifying Festival in the short and animated short film categories.

The Athens International Film and Video Festival also sponsors guest artists screenings, that often include workshops and additional opportunities for artists to meet with audience members and students.

Our Festival also includes a Feature Film Showcase, highlighting the latest in global cinema.

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Works that strive to expand the formal and content boundaries of motion picture arts, and that express personal involvement with the medium.
Documentary Short
Works that utilize nonfiction material to construct a story, an argument, and/or a statement about the real world. The total running time for a documentary short is no longer than 40 minutes.
Narrative Short
Works that tell a fictional story. Narrative shorts must have a running time of 40 minutes, or less.
Documentary Feature
Works that utilize nonfiction material to construct a story, an argument, and/or a statement about the real world. The total running time for a documentary feature is a minimum of 40 minutes.
Narrative Feature
Works that tell a fictional story. Narrative features must have a running time of 40 minutes, or more.
Works, of any length, that utilize animation techniques, including but not limited to: traditional drawing, stop-motion, computer animation, and other technical processes for generating non-live-action films.