The Animaze Film Festival in Montreal

Animaze is an international film festival and conference exploring the world of animation in all its diversity. The 2016 focus is Virtual Reality.



The festival is bringing a world of animation to Montreal. With a selection of short and feature-length animated films at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, an outdoor 360º Dome with planetarium-style projection and a Virtual Reality Cinema, Animaze has an inspiring and dynamic range of content across platforms and mediums.

Filmmakers and professionals from over 65 countries will converge on Montreal from August 18-21. Over the course of four days Animaze celebrates animation with:

  • Screenings of over 160 films at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Animaze Industry Conference with an exhibition hall, panels and speakers, networking opportunities at HOTEL10
  • An outdoor 360º dome
  • The Virtual Reality Cinema
  • Free outdoor screenings at Parc des amériques on August 19 and 20.
  • Talks and special events

Interactive Documentary Conference IDFA

Nov 18, 2012:

25th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam


Mark your calendars! On Sunday, November 18, the FORUM and IDFA DocLab (which is celebrating its fifth anniversary) will organize the Interactive Documentary Conference: DisruptiveTimelines, a one-day symposium on digital and interactive storytelling.

The conference will cover the very latest trends and developments in creating interactive stories, acquiring funds, and generating audience engagement. It will include keynote speeches from some of the world’s leading digital pioneers and multimedia artists. Keep an eye on our website for more information!

The FORUM and DocLab

In recent years, critically acclaimed projects such as Gaza/Sderot, Prison Valley, From Zero – People Rebuilding Life after the Emergency, and 24h Berlin have been pitched at the FORUM. Many of these later premiered at DocLab, IDFA’s program for digital documentary storytelling.

Since 2008, IDFA DocLab has been exploring the relationship between documentary filmmaking and new media. The IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Documentary Storytelling is open to all digital and interactive media that can be used to tell a documentary story. During IDFA, DocLab showcases an annual selection of the best interactive documentaries and other new forms of digital documentary art and storytelling. Projects are presented as installations, live cinema events, and on the IDFA DocLab website, which currently features over 100 projects.