Arido Taurajo

Arido Taurajo

An International collaboration that brought disciplines together, creating a production that embraces new music composing and film techniques.

(ALYSIA : Automated LYrical Songwriting Application) was recently used to create an Italian aria that was filmed in virtual reality.

We trained our songwriting system on Puccini music, calling the resulting system ROBOCCINI. James Morgan (Faculty at the Department of Art and Art History at SJSU) then collaborated with ROBOCCINI to create the following Italian aria.

The aria tells the story of a female warrior from World of War Craft, struggling to balance her family life with the call to adventure.

The machine learning system used to make the melody is created by Maya Ackerman, David Loker, and Chris Cassion.

We are currently submitting the film to festivals.

Singer: Maya Ackerman

Director, lyrics, roboccini collaborator: James Morgan

Music accompaniment: Nicolas Mauthes

Machinima cinematographer: Chantal Harvey

Italian translation: Matteo Leva

Melody: Roboccini

Puppeteering: David Henderson, James Morgan, Chantal Harvey

Film editor: Chantal Harvey