Waiting Room

So there I was, in the doctors surgery.

Not in the waiting room, in which I think we spend most of our time these days. Better than being at the dentist, but only just.

The doctor was still reading my case history, a bit like War and Peace without the romance. Yep, I thought, just as long and maybe a little more boring.

Without looking my way he mumbled, remind me, how old are you again? I heard a voice say: I am sixty five and a half. Yes in horror I realized it was my voice.

He looked my way, over his steel rimmed glasses, with that look that I thought only teachers gave you when your home work is not in on time.

I quickly regained my wits and smiled. Wow, I guess you can tell I write children’s books 🙂

At times like this, I really wish I was playing Bingo at FoxyBingo