Project spiderlamp

For years, I have been looking for a perfect lamp in my livingroom. Nothing beats a home-made one, of course. So when i found an original and complete(!) Matador hobby-box in the local thriftstore, I decided to give it a go.

60 euro and 2 weeks later, I have created my own ‘spiderlamp’.

It looks simple, (assemble and go) and I think recreating it would take me 1 day, instead of the 14 days of problem-solving, testing and shopping around that I enjoyed so much.

I bought another lamp in the thriftstore, quite ugly, but I love the little black lampshades. They are made of glass, containing perfect halogene fittings.

I think the Matador box is really old, but they still sell simular boxes today. My daughters friend Eminy helped me with the spiderlegs, we were one part short but managed to trick the missing part with glue and saw. Electric wires had to be eye-candy too, of course. But how to stick the lampshades to the wooden legs? It was a puzzle.

It is beautiful!!!