Louisville, Kentucky – USA
October 4 to 7, 2012

LOUISVILLE’S INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILM (LIFF), now in its fourth season. LIFF is a four-day celebration of independent film and the cultural and creative diversity that flourishes in Louisville, Kentucky. The annual program has expanded rapidly to include the Kentucky Youth Film Festival, which allows students the opportunity to pitch and promote their work, and the Kentucky Legends of Fame showcase, honoring an entertainment luminary and delighting audiences with one-of-a-kind live performances.

As its visibility, network, and reputation continue to grow, LIFF benefits from strong partnerships with Final Draft and with film distributors Barnholtz Entertainment and 3DD Entertainment. Several of LIFF’s programmed features have been picked up for distribution thanks to these and other relationships, proving that this is a festival dedicated to fostering connections and exposure, and yielding substantial results for the independent filmmaker. Cash prizes are awarded to winning filmmakers; the values of those prizes are determined by the number of festival entrants and have grown steadily, year after year.

Thanks in no small part to its formidable network of industry supporters, LIFF draws from a selection panel of experts that includes former network television executives, Emmy Award-winning actors, casting directors, and entertainment attorneys. Last year, every attending filmmaker had the opportunity to pitch to Barnholtz Entertainment’s Director of Acquisitions and was given professional feedback on their material – a truly valuable experience for LIFF’s exhibiting filmmakers.

July 15, 2012 – Regular Deadline

Louisville’s International Festival of Film is a sustainable, annual film festival located in Louisville, Kentucky, developed to showcase independent film, celebrate the cultural diversity of its surrounding area, and to support The Louisville Film Arts Institute.

LIFF’s wide array of screenings, seminars, discussions, and celebratory events are held in many of the most picturesque locations in Louisville, including the Galt House hotel (where filmmakers are offered a reduced room rate), Glassworks, and the Muhammad Ali Center. “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston calls Louisville a “delightful [and] ideal setting for a film festival.” LIFF’s opening and closing night ceremonies are rich with the spirit of storytelling. In 2011, actress and comedian Lily Tomlin performed her one-woman show to a sold-out crowd to benefit the Festival’s creative arts charity.

More seminars, guest speakers, and celebrations will be unveiled as the festival approaches, but it’s already clear that this year’s program will be top-notch. Submit your film to Louisville’s International Festival of Film today for your chance to take part!

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