Chicago, Illinois – USA
September 20 to 23, 2012


The 9th Annual CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL REEL SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL (CIRSFF), is a celebration of short-form filmmaking that tailors its program to the filmmakers and audiences it serves. CIRSFF ensures that each film is part of a curated showcase that complements and accentuates each film’s themes, resulting in a highly personalized and always-captivating festival that truly respects and celebrates the uniqueness of each filmmaker.

Each competitive category at CIRSFF – including Short Film Narrative, Short Film Documentary, Short Film Youth, and Music Video – will present both an Audience Award and a Panel Award to filmmakers who make a strong and memorable impact. A Best of Fest Award will also be bestowed on the project that best exemplifies the power of the independent spirit. Rather than emphasize competition, however, CIRSFF seeks to create relationships and networks that will extend far beyond the festival itself and will help spark fantastic careers that go on to inspire others.

Last year’s CIRSFF hosted an exclusive selection of short films featuring Chicago’s own Joe Mantegna (“Criminal Minds”), including his directorial debut. The success of this event has prompted CIRSFF to develop an annual program featuring other Chicago-native celebrities and their creative works.

August 12, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival seeks to provide opportunities for filmmakers around the world by showcasing their work to “reel” people in and around Chicago. The festival seeks to provide a supportive atmosphere with low entry fees, low ticket prices, and high reward.

Offering participating filmmakers a pre-festival screening event and a networking gala at a beloved Chicago hotspot, CIRSFF takes full advantage of the sights, sounds, and flavors of one of America’s most exciting cities. Home to renowned musicians, diverse and memorable storytellers, and premier culinary artists, Chicago offers something for everyone.

CIRSFF guests will enjoy fantastic films at Columbia College’s Film Row Cinema, a venue featuring one of the best digital projection theaters in the Midwest. The festival also includes a lecture series that explores the experiences and insights of well-established independent filmmakers from Chicago and abroad; award-winning producer and director Julian Grant will be this year’s special guest presenter.

For the chance to explore the great city of Chicago and discover this top-notch event for yourself, submit to the Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival today!


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