Hollywood, California – USA
December 5 to 19, 2012
Upcoming Deadline: August 19, 2012  

The 8th Annual HOLLYWOOD REEL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (HRIFF) celebrates independent cinema in the heart of the American film industry. Offering competitive categories for features, shorts and screenplays, HRIFF offers something for everyone with a story to tell. There’s no better place to be discovered than Hollywood, California.

HRIFF comes alive with film screenings, panels, mixers, and red carpet events that take full advantage of the festival’s Tinseltown location. The festival offers a diverse program, with this year’s slate already set to include such films as DROPOUT, featuring Vanessa Redgrave; the North American premiere of Uwe Boll’s BAILOUT; Bryce Dallas Howard’s latest directorial effort, WHEN YOU FIND ME; the world premiere of MANOS: HANDS OF FATE HD; and much more. HRIFF brings challenging, heart-felt, modestly budgeted films and their creators into direct contact with an industry environment that can launch careers. See what the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival can do for you…submit today!

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