Bronx International Film Festival

10 Annual November 08, 2012 to November 10, 2012

The Bronx International Film Festival promotes the cultural and artistic vitality of The Bronx by celebrating its place in film history and the spirit and passion of the independent filmmaker.

A century ago The Bronx was home to two well-known silent film studios, The Edison Studios on Decatur Avenue & Oliver Place (a few blocks from the location of the Film Festival) and Biograph Studios a.k.a. The Gold Medal Studios at 807 E. 175th Street.

Edison Studios notable contributions to cinema included one of the first horror films, “Frankenstein,” released in 1910 and the first serial film, “What Happened to Mary” released in 1912. The 14-minute “Frankenstein,” starring Charles Ogle, took an entire week to film. This was a highly unusual schedule for the time. Silent movies were usually filmed in one day. “What Happened to Mary” began a series of 12 episodes starring Mary Fuller. The silent film studio closed in 1918, but the Terry Brothers reopened the space in 1935 to start Terrytoons employing Bronx artists to hand paint the first animated color cartoon films.

Biograph Studios launched many silent film careers including: director, D.W. Griffith; cameraman, Billy Bitzer; and actors, Mary Pickford, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Harry Carey, Lionel Barrymore, among others. Some twenty years after the sound stage closed, Martin Poll restored Biograph Studios and reopened it as the Gold Medal Studios (the largest film studio outside of Hollywood) where TV’s “The Naked City,” “Car 54 Where are You” and movies like “Odds Against Tomorrow,” “A Face in the Crowd,” “The Fugitive Kind,” “Pretty Boy Floyd,” and “Butterfield 8” were filmed. Mr. Poll worked to simplify NYC filming permits and had the distinction of being sworn in as the Commissioner of Motion Picture Arts (precursor to the NYC Film Commissioner) on July 21, 1959 by then Bronx Borough President Lyons.

Black Robb (Publicist) ; Hector Olivieri (Programmer) ; Maggie Krupka (Sponsorship)

We accept narrative, documentary, animation and experimental films.

Screening location: 500-seat Lovinger Theatre/Lehman Stages

Your submission must be original work not commercially exhibited or distributed prior to The Bronx International Film Festival (Festival); submission and screening at other festivals is fine. You must have all clearances and rights and have full authority to submit the project.

Running Time:
Short Films: maximum 29 minutes
Feature: minimum 30 minutes

Your preview submission must be on DVD formatted for North American/Zone 1 DVD players. Please test your DVD for compatibility before submitting.

Entry fee is non-refundable. (Fee may be waived for film students who reside in The Bronx.)

Clearly label each preview DVD with project title, contact information and running time.

If you submitted a film in 2011, but were not selected for screening, you may resubmit your work provided you have made notable changes to the film.

You may submit a rough-cut provided your film will be completed no later than two weeks before the Festival.

You may submit more than one film; however, each submission must have a separate entry form and applicable fee.

Please include a synopsis of your project.

Every precaution will be taken in handling all entries; however, the Festival producers, staff, sponsors and affiliated entities will not be liable for any loss or damage of your film at any time during shipping or handling.

Regardless of your production format, you will be responsible for supplying your film in Mini DV format for Festival screening.

By submitting your film, you give The Bronx International Film Festival permission to show your film during the festival and use your film, stills, synopsis, bio and other press kit material, supplied by you, to promote the festival.


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