Byron Bay – Australia
March 1 to March 10, 2013

September 27, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The 7th Annual Byron Bay International Film Festival (BBFF), is honoring fantastic filmmaking in one of the most attractive destinations on the planet: Australia. In addition to celebrating the work of seasoned professionals, BBFF welcomes work from independent filmmakers at all stages of their careers, and attracts audiences that are as warm and as spirited as Byron Bay itself. Free workshops, discussion panels, and film appreciation events infuse the festival with an energy and a personality all its own, while the engaging hospitality of film-loving locals ensures that many of its visitors never want to leave.

Though it promotes and exhibits films from all over the world, BBFF fully embraces its roots, featuring a Best Young Australian Filmmaker award and offering young Australian filmmakers reduced entry fees. Many of the festival’s selections shed light on the interests of the local community, including environmental health, human rights, cultural diversity, and artistry of all forms. Byron Bay is an inclusive, curious, and exciting place to be, and those qualities are naturally central to the films that fill the slate at BBFF.

The festival presents numerous awards, including Best Film, Best Short Film, Best Drama, Best Documentary, Best Cinematography, Best Music Video, Best Experimental Film, Best Animated Film, Best Environmental Film, and Best Surf Film. In addition to its traditional film program, BBFF is also proud to offer family-friendly screenings, as well as screenings for local schools. In consideration of this effort, BBFF’s selection committee is always on the lookout for great family or children-friendly films to add to its Schools Sessions program.

The Byron Bay International Film Festival showcases diverse films of all lengths and all genres and provides a platform for independent filmmakers in all stages of their careers. With significant support from the Australian film industry, BBFF is dedicated to bringing the work of talented, creative people to an appreciative and intelligent audience.

BBFF is an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA)-accredited festival, creating opportunities for Australian filmmakers to receive greater recognition and exposure through televised national events. Taking place in an area known to hold the highest concentration of filmmakers in Australia, BBFF also ensures top-notch networking opportunities for attending guests.

For the chance to enjoy the many splendors of Byron Bay, from the seaside locale to the lively festival events, submit your film today!

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