Denver, Colorado – United States
January 23 to 27, 2013

October 1, 2012 – Regular Deadline


The Festivus Film Festival was created to support and encourage independent film and filmmakers. It strives to provide the best possible platform on which filmmakers can present their works to the public, all within a celebratory, high-energy atmosphere.

Festivus’ focus on filmmakers is evident through the support provided to them throughout the festival and beyond, which is why so many alums offer their support in return. Nathaniel Eyde, a two-time Festivus alum, raves: “From a filmmaker’s perspective, Festivus has got it where it counts. It is a young festival in years, style, and energy but mature and sophisticated in its programming and content. I love this festival because the staff and audiences make the filmmaker welcome to share their art. I love this festival because the films they find and program are excellent. I love this festival because it is a magnet for good people and their art.”

For the chance to take part in this truly filmmaker-focused, one-of-a-kind event, submit your work to the Festivus Film Festival today!

The 6th Annual Festivus Film Festival (FFF), is offering filmmakers incredible hospitality, an exciting atmosphere, and audiences with a deep love of independent filmmaking. The festival unfolds annually amidst the metropolitan bustle and excitement of The Mile High City, and has been touted by MovieMaker Magazine as “One of the 20 Coolest Film Festivals in the United States.” FFF is a five-day celebration with a unique sense of style and character – just the kind of party that fun-loving filmmakers from around the world return to year after year.

FFF routinely delivers on its promise to honor its filmmakers with the star treatment, as each attending filmmaker is assigned his or her own liaison to serve as a point of contact from the beginning of the festival to its closing moments. Liaisons will pick filmmakers up at the airport, provide insights on all that Denver has to offer throughout the week, and drop filmmakers off at the airport when they’re ready to leave. But the festival has so much great stuff at the ready – including after parties, after-after parties, all-access passes, a bowling tournament, and movie-themed hotel floors – that guests are never in a hurry to get home.

Free transportation, deep discounts on hotels, and fantastic networking opportunities round out the unbeatable hospitality filmmakers encounter at FFF. By eliminating travel and lodging concerns, festival staff and volunteers have ensured that all FFF guests are able to focus on the things that really matter – great films, invigorating celebrations, and plenty of events to explore. The festival also encourages filmmakers to start scouting locations for their next project while in town, and is glad to outline Denver’s improved production tax incentives for interested guests.


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