Liverpool, England – United Kingdom
February 1 to 3, 2013

October 7, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The mission of Liverpool Lift-Off is to provide student and independent filmmakers and screenwriters with a platform for exposure to a global audience. Through seminars, workshops, and the guidance of working professional filmmakers, Liv-Off also aims to prepare film artists for the challenges of tomorrow.

Perhaps best known as the home of The Beatles, Liverpool is a robust cultural center within the United Kingdom, offering an abundance of music hot spots, museums, performing arts, nightlife, and literature. In 2008, the city was honored as the European Capital of Culture by the European Union, and its contribution to the arts community hasn’t slowed since. See for yourself what makes Liverpool such a welcoming destination for artists…submit your film or script to the Liverpool Lift-Off International Film Festival today!

The Liverpool Lift-Off International Film Festival (LivOff), is an exciting new festival designed to showcase talents in storytelling, acting, and artistic vision. Bursting with film enthusiasts, providing a supportive environment, and offering plenty to see, do, and explore, LivOff is a place where small budgets and big dreams combine to give a powerful boost to budding film careers.

Adhering to its credo of “Look beyond the gloss,” LivOff is not drawn to flash or fancy effects. The focus of this celebration, and of each of the works it chooses to champion, is the potency of story. The festival welcomes films and scripts that are inspirational, challenging, heart-felt, daring, dangerous, dark, or light. LivOff accepts narrative or documentary films, feature-length scripts, short scripts, and television scripts – anything with a strong story that will move an audience.

Additional Lift-Off festivals take place in London, Las Vegas, and Long Beach; the top films in each category will also be offered a slot in the lineup of these Lift-Off events, providing additional exposure opportunities to winning films and filmmakers. Winners in screenplay categories at Liverpool Lift-Off will also benefit from hearing their honored screenplays performed and directed on stage by industry professionals – an invaluable experience that prepares any writer for the next big step in his or her career.

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