San Jose, California – USA
February 26 to March 10, 2013

October 15, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The Cinequest Film Festival integrates the worlds of cinematic creativity and innovation to transform lives for the better. It is dedicated to empowering voices of all backgrounds in the effort to tell stories with cultural and social significance, always daring to act as a catalyst of dynamic change in a cookie-cutter world.

Cinequest also maintains its own Mavericks Studio, an enterprise that co-produces and distributes high-quality motion pictures, documentaries, television programs, and new media that demonstrate artistic ingenuity, social responsibility, leadership, and innovation. Its most recent undertaking, Life is Love, chronicles the true-life journey of Somaly Mam, a leader in the movement to free young girls from the horrors of human trafficking. The film is currently in production in Somalia, and furthers Mavericks Studio’s mission to deliver impactful stories that can truly change lives.

Variety declares, “Cinequest has consistently managed to pull in heavyweight guests,” and Ain’t It Cool News calls the festival “a state-of-the-art digital extravaganza like you’ve probably never seen.” For your chance to rub elbows with industry vets and discover new film talent and technology, submit your work to the Cinequest Film Festival today!

The 23rd Annual Cinequest Film Festival, is showcasing premier films, emerging artists, and breakthrough technologies that empower global connectivity between creators and innovators. Cited by Chris Gore’s Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide as an event that “sets the trends and is actually ahead of the trends,” Cinequest is part innovation lab, part storyteller’s paradise, and always one-of-a-kind. Its originality annually attracts more than 90,000 attendees – a mix of seasoned artists, up-and-coming talents, and industry players interested in discovering the latest developments in film and technology.

Cinequest’s stellar reputation hinges in no small part on its knack for exhibiting a potent mix of immersive stories from around the globe, and for securing distribution for many of its honored filmmakers. IFC Films, MSNBC Films, Lionsgate, PBS, and HBO have all signed deals with some of Cinequest’s big success stories, and this year’s festival is primed to launch an entirely new crop of talented filmmakers onto the scene. As an Academy-qualifying festival for the short film categories, Cinequest is proud to honor the winners of its Best Short Narrative and Best Short Animation prizes with a shot at every filmmaker’s dream – Oscar gold.

New this year, Cinequest will present $25,000 USD cash prizes to the winners of the Knight Foundation Audience Favorite Feature and Audience Favorite Documentary awards. The festival also presents several category awards in addition to special recognitions such as Best First Feature Film, the New Visions Award, and the Global Vision Award. Winners are announced at the closing night celebration as well as in two press releases and on the festival’s website. Exhibiting filmmakers receive VIP passes granting access to all screenings, opening and closing night parties, and the VIP Lounge. Filmmakers also receive exclusive hotel deals while attending the festival.

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