Norwich, England – United Kingdom
April 28 to May 4, 2013


Upcoming Deadline: October 31

The 3rd Annual Norwich Film Festival (NFF) celebrates the art of short-form filmmaking, annually attracting storytellers from all over the world and presenting a diverse assortment of films, Q&As, workshops, and more. The city of Norwich provides the ideal environment for a deep-dive exploration of film, character, and story. The city truly comes alive with cinema, as films are shown on the lawns of the Norwich Castle, the screens of the Norwich Playhouse, and everywhere in between.


They are now accepting submissions for the 3rd Norwich Film Festival, for more information, visit the Submissions page. They are very much looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work, and giving the public a chance to experience a side of cinema they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see.


The winner of each competitive category will receive £250, and the work deemed Best Film overall will be awarded an additional £750. But the real reward is the network that NFF participants build, often leading to career-launching success. Student filmmaker Rhiannon Evans secured representation shortly after her film, Heartstrings, won the Best Student Film award at the festival, and Eric D. Howell’s Best in Festival-winning film, Ana’s Playground, went on to screen at the Winter Olympics and a United Nations summit. Submit your live action or animated short film today for the chance to be a part of the Norwich Film Festival’s dynamic program in 2013!




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