The Irvine International Film Festival

Irvine, California – USA
January 10 to 14, 2013

October 30, 2012 – Late Deadline

The 2nd Annual Irvine International Film Festival (IIFF), is drawing talented filmmakers from all over the world to Southern California’s bustling film scene. Thanks to its proximity to the heart of the American film industry, IIFF offers attending filmmakers and guests abundant networking opportunities and the chance to engage with like-minded filmmakers and film fans throughout the five-day event.

Up to $25,000 USD in prizes will be presented through awards and raffles, including items from festival sponsors Final Draft, Boris EFX, Quick Film Budget, Creative Handbook, and others. IIFF honors diversity and ingenuity in a variety of competitive categories, and presents awards for Best Student Film, Best Experimental Short, Best Feature Documentary, and Best Feature Film. Last year’s festival winners included The Forgotten Bomb, a documentary exploring nuclear weapons still primed to detonate; The Mulberry Tree, a drama tracing three characters through the most tragic experiences of their lives; and Paths of Hate, an animated short investigating the ideology of combat.

Hosted at Irvine’s Edwards West Park 8 Theatre, IIFF attracts film lovers of all ages and interests. The 2012 line-up included the work of Izabella Olivia, a second-grader at Irvine’s Canyon View Elementary School, alongside a restoration of Ernst Lubitsch’s 1922 film The Loves of Pharaoh. IIFF is a festival that understands great stories truly do come in all forms and from all parts of the world, and is eager to discover emerging talent and share unique new voices with local audiences.

The Irvine International Film Festival celebrates the power of individual expression and diverse points of view. It promotes and encourages screenwriters, directors, editors, cinematographers, producers, actors, and all artists engaged in the language of film, and enhances public awareness of and participation in global issues.

Festival judges include Academy-Award nominees and representatives from distribution and production companies, among other industry players. IIFF is a competitive event that is proud to discover up-and-coming filmmakers and award the best new and established artists on the filmmaking scene.

In its inaugural outing last year, IIFF presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Rebecca Isabelle Laemmle, a movie actress of the 1920s and 1930s who, at the age of 102, is one of the few surviving stars of the silent film era. IIFF aims to support its filmmakers during and after the festival, so that they too can experience long-lived careers in the entertainment industry. For the chance to be a part of a unique festival program and enjoy the supportive atmosphere at the Irvine International Film Festival, submit your work today!




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