Texas’ International Documentary Film Festival

October 31, 2012 – Late Deadline

The Thin Line Film Festival aims to educate and entertain Texas audiences through the presentation of the best and most relevant documentary films from around the world. It strives to create a high-quality festival experience for all filmmakers, attendees, and volunteers.

Particularly adventurous festival guests can register for the DocuDenton 7K: a race to create a short documentary on a subject unique to Denton, Texas. For this exciting competition, teams of one or more draw a random topic from a hat and then have five days in which to shoot and edit a short documentary. Every film that finishes on time is screened during a special event at the festival and competes for a cash prize. Registration for DocuDenton 7K includes an all-day workshop with Dallas-based documentary filmmaker Mark Birnbaum (Swingman).

Documentarians: Whether you are looking for a dynamic slate of films, a bit of healthy competition, or the big-hearted spirit of Texas, the Thin Line Film Festival has it all. Submit today!

Thin Line welcomes filmmakers who push the boundaries of their craft. The festival explores the full depth of the documentary genre, celebrating hybrid forms such as docufictions, mockumentaries, docudramas, animated documentaries, and others, alongside more traditionally structured films. Thin Line recognizes that a documentary is driven not only by the facts it employs but also by the innate creativity of its maker, and the festival applauds that creativity above all else. Thin Line even slips a “fake” documentary in among the “real” ones each year – and doesn’t tell you which is which.

Nearly every film screened at Thin Line is followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, and this year, $20,000 USD in cash and prizes will be awarded to the best long-form and short-form documentaries. The festival also puts an emphasis on establishing community and camaraderie amongst attendees; between Thin Line screenings, visitors enjoy parties, rock out with local bands, participate in a wide variety of industry panels and lectures, and explore the local Texan culture. As a fully walkable festival, Thin Line gives its guests absolute freedom to enjoy this celebratory experience exactly as they wish.

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