November 15, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The FADE IN Awards was established in 1996 to assist talented new writers and writer-directors with getting recognized within the Hollywood community and beginning careers as working filmmakers.

Finalist Frank Baldwin declares that FADE IN “sharpened my script, and then they made good on their promise to find me representation. Soon I had a top manager, then a William Morris agent, and a seasoned lawyer…Michael De Luca said he wanted to produce my script, and Spike Lee called to say he wanted to direct…I owe my success to FADE IN. These guys don’t just promise access – they deliver it. So kiss that envelope and send it in. Once FADE IN gets behind you, you never know whose desk your script might land on.”

The FADE IN Awards are presented by Fade In, a well-respected consumer film magazine with national reach. Each August, Fade In also hosts the Hollywood Pitch Festival, a high-energy pitch market connecting screenwriters with 200 top producers, directors, agents, managers, and studio and production executives. Submit your screenplay, short script, or short film to the FADE IN Awards today for the chance to become their next big success story!

Established to help talented emerging artists worldwide gain recognition within the Hollywood community and begin their careers as working filmmakers, the FADE IN Awards has discovered hundreds of writers and filmmakers since its debut in 1996. FADE IN offers an array of competitive categories, including Comedy, Action, Thriller, Drama, Family, Horror and Science-Fiction, and accepts both short-form scripts and films and feature-length screenplay submissions. Whatever the format, FADE IN puts works worthy of being seen or read into the hands of professionals able to launch careers.

The Grand Prize Winner receives a cash award of $5,000 USD, plus a Dell laptop computer and industry exposure for their winning project. The top honored writers and filmmakers in each category additionally receive $1,000 cash prizes, Waterman Pens, and script analysis by WGA writers. What’s more, FADE IN Awards offers its winners an extensive support network, working with its finalists over the course of a year to bring their projects up to professional standards before introducing their material to the Hollywood community – including the industry’s top agents, managers, and producers.

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