Providence, Rhode Island – USA
February 14 to 19, 2013

Upcoming Deadline: November 26

The 4th Annual Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF) is dedicated to engaging, entertaining, and surprising young audiences. Harnessing the power of film to educate, shape and inspire young minds, PCFF recognizes that children are an impressionable audience and seeks to make a positive and long-lasting impact on the way they interpret and engage with the world around them. Unlike festivals that are programmed and evaluated exclusively by “grown-up” judges, PCFF is proud to involve young people in the selection of its content, as well as in determining award-winners at the end of the festival.

In addition to hosting this remarkable six-day celebration, PCFF sponsors additional film screenings and educational programming throughout the year, including an intensive filmmaking camp for teenagers and multiple after-school media literacy programs. By engaging young people in media, arts, and education at a formative stage of their lives, PCFF invests in a bright and exciting future full of bold, new voices and unforgettable entertainment. For many of tomorrow’s filmmakers and film lovers, it all begins at the Providence Children’s Film Festival. Submit your film today!





Source: The New York Times

News Corporation is holding a fire sale for IGN, its online network aimed at guys. Disney XD, a cable channel for boys, is growing in popularity — among girls. Comcast’s game-focused G4 channel is retooling its entire programming strategy.

Where are all the “lost boys,” as analysts sometimes call them? Increasingly, the answer involves Machinima.

Intensely focused on 18- to 34-year-old men, Machinima is a Web and mobile distribution network that delivers free game-oriented shows, trailers and news reports. The company, founded in 2000, generates more than 2.2 billion video views a month, according to comScore data. Machinima Prime, a YouTube channel that arrived in August and is dedicated to highly polished episodic series, ranked as the video hub’s No. 1 destination this month.

Despite their escalating reluctance to watch television or go to the movies, young men continue to flock to traditional outlets like Disney’s ESPN or Viacom’s Comedy Central.

And Machinima is certainly not the only online network where young men congregate; Break Media operates testosterone-heavy sites like and

But Machinima has rapidly evolved into a must-visit site for young men by improving the quality of its programming. The company’s mission is not dissimilar to that of cable channels: gain a foothold with inexpensive content (in Machinima’s case it was user-generated videos) and then use that perch to attract higher-quality programs, as AMC did with “Mad Men.”

Ultimately, Machinima intends to produce its own long-form episodic series.

First, Machinima must prove that YouTube can indeed become the new television — that consumers will watch long videos and come back the next week for another episode. In many ways, Machinima just pulled that off with “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,” a five-part live-action series.

“Forward Unto Dawn,” which cost Microsoft $10 million to make and was meant to promote the release of the game Halo 4 on Xbox, has been viewed about 27 million times; four related videos delivered 9.2 million additional views. Machinima also said it experienced very little viewer “fall off,” an industry term for people leaving after watching only a couple of minutes.

Fans understand that this kind of programming is really marketing masquerading as entertainment, said Allen DeBevoise, Machinima’s chief executive. But he contended that “high-quality content is better marketing than traditional advertising; if it’s the equivalent of what people would watch on their own anyway, fans really appreciate that.”

Halo 4 had $220 million in global sales in its first 24 hours in stores.

“If you’re a marketer and not paying serious attention to Machinima, you’re really behind the curve,” said Matt Britton, a founder of MRY, a youth-focused New York marketing firm. “College kids may not be bringing TVs to their dorm rooms anymore, but Machinima, because it has smartly built itself around YouTube, is right there on their laptops.”

NBCUniversal recently decided Machinima was the best way to bring one of its TV movies to consumers. “Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome,” a prequel to the Syfy channel’s 2004 “Battlestar Galactica” series, was cut into 10 episodes and is rolling out on Machinima Prime. “Blood and Chrome” will then run on Syfy next year as a two-hour movie.

Warner Brothers is completing a programming deal with Machinima for a new series tied to its Mortal Kombat game franchise. “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” a nine-part series, ran on Machinima last year, and at least one installment captured over 10 million views — on par with viewership for some fantasy programs on television.

Machinima, which is based in Los Angeles and makes money by selling advertising, got its start in 2000 as a Web site dedicated to a genre of digital filmmaking that uses video game graphics to create original animated movies.

In 2005, Mr. DeBevoise and his brother, Philip, bought the Web site and set about turning it into a global entertainment network. It has about 200 employees and secured a $35 million round of financing in May; the company declined to discuss revenue or profitability.

Mr. DeBevoise said about 50 percent of Machinima’s total traffic now came from overseas. The company — with backing from MK Capital, Redpoint Ventures and Google, which owns YouTube — also has a significant presence on mobile devices.

Machinima Prime is part of YouTube’s strategy, started a year ago, to lure television viewers and advertisers with higher-quality videos, even if aimed at niche interests.

YouTube invested about $100 million in the overall effort — Machinima received an undisclosed portion — and in recent weeks YouTube began evaluating which channels had done well enough to receive a second round of financing.

In addition to Machinima Prime, YouTube successes include AwesomenessTV, aimed at 12- to 17-year-olds, and Vice, which also courts young men. In an e-mail, Malik Ducard, YouTube’s director of content strategy, called Machinima “a great example of how a Web brand with a laserlike focus on serving a single audience can drive massive eyeballs.”

Mr. Ducard added that YouTube partners like Machinima, sometimes dismissed as niche players, were adding subscribers at a rate “four times faster” than they did just a couple of years ago.

“Niche may not be the right word because that may sound small,” he said. “Billions of views is not small.”


St. Louis, Missouri – USA & Touring
February 5 to September 10, 2013

December 1, 2012 – Regular Deadline

AWDFF is committed to the promotion of knowledge and culture of Pan-African people through cinema.

In the past year, the Africa World Documentary Film Festival has partnered with the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC) in Laos, Nigeria. Entrusted by the federal government of Nigeria to maintain the central mission of the World Festival of Black Arts and Culture, CBAAC helps ADWFF expand its reach and plumb the depths of the Pan-African experience.

Submit your documentary work about the Pan-African experience to the Africa World Documentary Film Festival today for the chance to add your voice to this exciting conversation!

The 6th Annual Africa World Documentary Film Festival (AWDFF), is proudly celebrating and exploring Pan-African people and culture through the art of filmmaking. Although non-competitive in nature, the festival offers prizes of $1,000 and $500 USD to two documentaries judged by the ADWFF committee as best furthering an understanding of, or significantly contributing to, knowledge of the African World.

Public screenings of films accepted by ADWFF will be held in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, offering wide-spread exposure to skilled filmmakers who share a passion for the Pan-African story. Both feature-length and short-form documentaries are considered for inclusion in the always-dynamic program. Last year’s festival was a remarkable success, presenting more than 60 films made by documentarians from Brazil, Senegal, Switzerland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt, Haiti, and beyond.

In 2010, Music by Prudence, a short documentary submitted to ADWFF went on to win an Academy Award. Last year’s celebrated ADWFF films included An African Election, a study of the 2008 presidential election in Ghana, and Where Do I Stand?, chronicling outbreaks of xenophobic violence throughout South Africa. Presenting films as expansive, diverse, and exciting as Africa itself, it’s no wonder that ADWFF has become a widely respected hub for thought-provoking documentary film, as well as a forum for discussion and discovery of new works.


December 1, 2012 – Regular Deadline

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles is designed to showcase innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world and to provide the Los Angeles community with a monthly surge of screening events. NFMLA enables filmmakers to connect with industry professionals and gain insight on distribution, production, acquisition, and representation.

Though it enthusiastically welcomes films and filmmakers of all interests and skill levels, NFMLA is particularly interested in showcasing innovative efforts from first-time or second-time filmmakers in the short or feature categories. Creative artists of all experience levels are welcome to benefit from this exciting forum by forging relationships with industry experts, engaging in robust discussions with appreciative audiences, or immersing themselves in an array of terrific projects.

If you’re looking to be discovered by Hollywood, NFMLA’s top-notch monthly showcase could be your launchpad to success…submit your film to NewFilmmakers Los Angeles today!

The 6th Annual New Filmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA), is dedicated to showcasing innovative works from emerging artists across the globe through monthly screening events at LA’s famed Sunset Gower Studios. Regularly attended by entertainment professionals, avid filmgoers, and press representatives from MovieMaker Magazine, Hollywood Weekly Magazine, DirectorsLive, and Disarray Magazine, NFMLA reaches more than 9,000 media outlets every month and shines a bright spotlight on its talented participants. NFMLA has also enjoyed press coverage on CNN, NBC, CBS, and a host of other television networks; this national exposure has reaped great rewards for its top honorees.

Thanks to a number of partnerships with organizations including LA Weekly, Sunset Gower Studios, and the Los Angeles Tourism Board, NFMLA is proud to offer more than $29,000 USD in prizes each year, including $2,500 cash awards. Each month, NFMLA presents red carpet screenings of feature films, documentaries, and shorts, each of which is followed by a Q&A with the film’s director. NFMLA’s screening program also hosts a special after-party, enabling filmmakers and audience members to connect. Participating filmmakers receive all-access festival passes which provide admission to industry panels, receptions, parties, and access to the open bar.

Numerous past selections have seen success after screening at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles. Exhibited films acquiring distribution following their NFMLA showcase include Frank Stiefel’s Ingelore, Mitch McCabe’s Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain, Don DiNicola’s Nowhere Now, and Asif Ahmed’s Lost Dream. Showtime picked up both Tom Vaughn’s Playing House and Todd Berger’s The Scenesters. NFMLA has also benefited new media projects, including the web series Easy To Assemble from Illeana Douglas which was subsequently picked up by CBS. What’s more, many well-known films have debuted or been discovered as part of the NewFilmmakers effort, including The Blair Witch Project, Too Much Sleep, and Zero Day.


November 15, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The FADE IN Awards was established in 1996 to assist talented new writers and writer-directors with getting recognized within the Hollywood community and beginning careers as working filmmakers.

Finalist Frank Baldwin declares that FADE IN “sharpened my script, and then they made good on their promise to find me representation. Soon I had a top manager, then a William Morris agent, and a seasoned lawyer…Michael De Luca said he wanted to produce my script, and Spike Lee called to say he wanted to direct…I owe my success to FADE IN. These guys don’t just promise access – they deliver it. So kiss that envelope and send it in. Once FADE IN gets behind you, you never know whose desk your script might land on.”

The FADE IN Awards are presented by Fade In, a well-respected consumer film magazine with national reach. Each August, Fade In also hosts the Hollywood Pitch Festival, a high-energy pitch market connecting screenwriters with 200 top producers, directors, agents, managers, and studio and production executives. Submit your screenplay, short script, or short film to the FADE IN Awards today for the chance to become their next big success story!

Established to help talented emerging artists worldwide gain recognition within the Hollywood community and begin their careers as working filmmakers, the FADE IN Awards has discovered hundreds of writers and filmmakers since its debut in 1996. FADE IN offers an array of competitive categories, including Comedy, Action, Thriller, Drama, Family, Horror and Science-Fiction, and accepts both short-form scripts and films and feature-length screenplay submissions. Whatever the format, FADE IN puts works worthy of being seen or read into the hands of professionals able to launch careers.

The Grand Prize Winner receives a cash award of $5,000 USD, plus a Dell laptop computer and industry exposure for their winning project. The top honored writers and filmmakers in each category additionally receive $1,000 cash prizes, Waterman Pens, and script analysis by WGA writers. What’s more, FADE IN Awards offers its winners an extensive support network, working with its finalists over the course of a year to bring their projects up to professional standards before introducing their material to the Hollywood community – including the industry’s top agents, managers, and producers.

The Melbourne International Film Festival

62 Annual July 25, 2013 to August 11, 2013

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), through the Government of Victoria, has established an ongoing fund for supporting new Australian theatrical films and feature-length documentaries. The MIFF Premiere Fund aims to support quality feature-length projects that will have their International premiere at MIFF.

Round 18 of the MIFF Premiere Fund, which seeks 2014 premieres, is open for submissions with applications closing on 21 November and decisions due by 21 January 2013.

Established in 1952, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the world’s oldest film festivals and the Southern Hemisphere’s largest. The Festival has a large, dedicated and growing audience with a well-established public profile as a major event on the Australian calendar.

The Festival is a unique event in Australia, with a vibrant screening program, a loyal audience, and industry initiatives providing opportunities for Australian filmmakers at many levels. In recent years, MIFF has successfully extended its activities to include a raft of industry and filmmaker focused programs to complement its core business, the screening program. These are:
• Accelerator, a 4-day educational and inspirational skills development program for up-and-coming directors with short films screening at MIFF;
• MIFF 37ºSouth Market, a 4-day film financing market for producers with market-ready projects pitching to potential international and local co-financing partners;
• MIFF Premiere Fund, MIFF’s own investment and loan fund, providing essential financing support for local feature-length films. In 2012 MIFF presented 31 world premieres 5 of which were Premiere Fund films. Of 11 screenings of these titles, 7 were sold out sessions.

MIFF has an Academy, BAFTA, AACTA and IF Awards accredited short film competition. The winners of the top prizes in the competition become eligible for Oscar® consideration.


Los Angeles, California – USA
February 15 to 21, 2013

November 30, 2012 – Regular Deadline

The LA INDIE Film Festival is the partner festival to the well established LA COMEDY Festival, Over the years they have had the privilege to work with hundreds of filmmakers who have told wonderfully funny stories. Many have gone on to make great films in other genres.

Every LA COMEDY Festival they receive hundreds of film submissions and have been struck by how many of those films they receive that don’t necessarily fit into the genre of comedy, but are nonetheless super films that deserve to be seen by an LA audience and Industry. This made them think how wonderful it would be to showcase all the terrific stories that are being told in film, in all the different, creative ways in which they are being told.

The LA INDIE Film Festival provides a showcase for the best in independent cinema, including short films, feature films, television pilots, web series, music videos, and animated works.

LA INDIE presents a number of awards across all categories, including the Excellence in Filmmaking Award presented to both feature and short-form filmmakers. This honor includes generous post-production packages sponsored by Greenhouse Studios; the feature film prize is valued at $10,100 USD and the short film prize at $4,800. Additional honors include Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary, Best Direction, Best Foreign Film, and Best Screenplay, as well as performance awards for individuals and ensembles from both feature and short films.

To join in the celebration of independent cinema in the heart of the bustling Los Angeles film industry, submit your work to the LA INDIE Film Festival today!


Fort Myers, Florida – USA
March 20 to 24, 2013 Upcoming Deadline: November 25

The 3rd Annual Fort Myers Film Festival (FMff) offers a platform in South Florida for the exhibition and appreciation of exciting and innovative films. As an international forum for great independent cinema, FMff creates and nurtures bonds between audiences and filmmakers from around the world. The festival is fueled by an edgy, intellectual crowd of film lovers from throughout Florida and beyond who flock to Fort Myers for the top-notch program and the chance to enjoy some of the world’s top-rated beaches nearby. Opening with a black-tie, red carpet gala that honors and energizes its participants, FMff is alive with networking opportunities, star-studded parties, and a one-of-a-kind film slate.

In addition to its feature, documentary, and short film programs, the festival also offers special categories on topics of faith, diversity, and local community engagement. With numerous opportunities to mingle with celebrity judges, local musicians, artists, and comedians throughout the five-day festival, FMff is a unique opportunity to see and be seen, and to celebrate incredible entertainment and the talented voices that bring it to life. Submit your film to the Fort Myers Film Festival today for the chance to showcase your work and meet like-minded artists!


The Garden State Film Festival

Asbury Park, New Jersey – USA
April 4 to 7, 2013

The 11th Annual Garden State Film Festival (GSFF), is one of the East Coast’s most respected and well-attended showcases of independent cinema. This premier event takes place just an hour south of New York City in historic Asbury Park on the famed Jersey Shore, where huge crowds of nearly 30,000 revel in a four-day exploration of film each year.

The festival was founded in 2002 after a chance encounter in a Sea Girt, New Jersey grocery store by 25-year film industry veteran Diane Raver[2] and Hollywood actor Robert Pastorelli. Mr. Pastorelli and Ms. Raver mounted the first festival in 2003. Since that time, such industry notables such as Glenn Close, Frank Vincent, Batman producer Michael Uslan, Austin Pendleton, Kurtwood Smith and others have lent their support.

GSFF is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.

November 22, 2012 – Late Deadline
The Garden State Film Festival was founded to promote the art of filmmaking by showcasing a wide variety of film, video, and animated works, as well as by providing public educational programs in the creative arts. The goal of the festival is to present films of the highest quality, both in respect to their production value and to their content.
In addition to its more traditional competitive categories, the Garden State Film Festival offers its very own Home Grown Awards, presented to filmmakers who developed their projects within the great state of New Jersey. These awards are granted in addition to individual category awards and are GSFF’s special way of saying thank you for keeping filmmaking and storytelling alive and well in the Garden State. Whether you’ve developed your labor of love in New Jersey or elsewhere, submit your work to the Garden State Film Festival today for the chance to take part in this always-exciting, one-of-a-kind event!

The North Sea Film Festival (NSFF) for underwater movies

Yes really!

The 5th edition of the North Sea Film Festival (NSFF) for underwater movies will take place November 9, 10 & 11 2012 at LantarenVenster in the city of Rotterdam.

The NSFF is a 3 day underwater filmfestival packed with water related documantaries and animation films for nature and filmlovers.

Check out the smashing festivaltrailer here: Made of footage of some of the 2012 films.

Buy your ticket online, via the website of LantarenVenster: Please note, festivalpasses can only be purchased (in presale) via North Sea Film Festival. Check:

Only in the Netherlands…..