Your Questions About Machinima Realm

Joseph asks…

How long does it take Machinima Realm to post videos?

Hey guys, just wondering about what I wrote above… I sent a video to about a half hour ago and haven’t received one of those computer automated YES I AGREE messages. I wonder if this just hasn’t been integrated into Machinima Realm yet…
Any advice would help.

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Peter answers:

They have to approve it first I believe, they arent going to accept everyones videos or else theyd have millions of videos, what makes being a machinima director so great is how exclusive they are, odds are you were rejected like 100,000 other people each day

Lisa asks…

machinima directors help?

can someone put a link to a website where i can find all of the machinima directors or at least machinima realm directors

Peter answers:

What he said

Ruth asks…

What should I build on minecraft?

I’m a Machinima director and want to make some videos for realm.
I need something original to build on minecraft, something that’s in the real world, like a football stadium, something I can show off in a video.

Everyone’s way past cool houses now, I want to get ahead and beyound everything.

Any ideas?

Peter answers:

Create an underground cart transportation system.

Sharon asks…

whats the easiest machinima to get on?

e.g respawn , sports , realm

Peter answers:

I would say machinima sports since not many people are competing for a sports gameplay.

Jenny asks…

I downloaded 2 programs that involve recording while playing a PC game. 1st time they work, 2nd time no. Why?

I’m trying to participate in Machinima Realm contests and stuff like that and I download Xfire and FRAPS. When I used them the 1st time, they work fine. Now, whenever I use them, they stop working. Like, when I press scroll lock with v, the recording box doesn’t appear. When I use FRAPS, the yellow FPS numbers don’t appear. I’d really like to know why and what I can do to fix it

Peter answers:

There’s an option in Fraps to show fps rate (those yellow numbers), you need to first turn that on. Then when you press the record hotkey the number will turn red, indicating you’re recording. When you press the record hotkey again, you cease recording and the numbers turn back to yellow.

But even without the numbers showing you’re still recording things, so check your saved directory for recorded videos, they should all be there.

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