Online via Facebook
March 15, 2012 to February 28, 2013

Have a look at the 2nd Annual ONECLOUDFEST (OCF), a year-long showcase that revolutionizes the film festival experience by bringing the party right to participants. With the aid of cloud technology that connects its filmmakers and audiences online, OCF does away with the hassles and expense of travel and lodging, and allows filmmakers and audience members to enjoy the festival program from wherever they are. The end result is a festival with a staggering global audience and incredible networking potential.

Where most marquees burn brightly for only a few days, OCF offers a much longer window of exposure and an ease of access that more traditional, venue-based events can rarely offer. Those advantages translate to just the kind of buzz that could get a film noticed by audiences and industry alike. What’s more, all official selections benefit from an exclusive and far-reaching digital promotional campaign. OCF is an event that not only celebrates filmmaking, it celebrates the individual film and filmmaker by maximizing their potential reach and impact on audiences.

OCF presents awards to one title from each competitive category (Music Video, Short, Animation, and Documentary Short) at the end of each of the spring, summer, and fall showcases. Cash and prizes will be awarded to four winning films during the Annual Winter Finals event. OCF offers plenty of opportunities to submit and win, but its greatest reward is its unique ability to connect great films to film fans and industry veterans around the globe, with limitless potential.


August 1, 2012 – Fall Showcase Deadline

OCF aims to bring exposure to great filmmakers and great films that might otherwise not break in through a more traditional festival process. The festival takes place entirely on Facebook and is designed to fully harness the power of social media in the digital age.

Several OCF films have gone on to further acclaim and success across the circuit. OCF’s Best Music Video selection of 2011, “House,” continues to travel the globe and has won awards at several other festivals. LITTLE BOAT, an OCF 2011 animation selection, is now an official selection for South by Southwest 2012, and last year’s narrative selection, THE SECRET FRIEND, won the 2011 Valley Film Festival.

If you’re looking for far-reaching exposure, ONECLOUDFEST is for you. Submit today!

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