Over The Fence Comedy film festival

16 Annual September 01, 2013 to September 10, 2013

Australian’s prime Comedy Film Festival has opened the call for entries

Short Film
Short films that take comedy into new, daring and excellent new realms of humour – black, tragi, adventure, slapstick, docu/mockumentar etc……..
up to 15 mins.
Longer Short Film
Comedy short films from 16+ minutesCan include a comedy series or feature film

OTF Vision are:
1. To encourage and stimulate new comedy production.
2. To exhibit broad range of work for and to local audiences.
3. To dedicate a film festival to the genre comedy.
4. To celebrate comic culture, humour and verve.
5. To entertain, and
6. To inspire

Over The Fence, one of the world’s great Comedy film festivals is backl!
Our criteria for a comedy short film is simple `a film which is driven by, or, ultimately concludes with an excellent sense of humour’.

OTF International is now calling for entries for the 16th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival showcasing the funny, satirical, quirky, outrageous, fantastic and bizarre humour of emerging, new and independent filmmakers from around the world.

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