NexTv Talent Search for Directors & Actors

Los Angeles, California – USA
Winners Announced: March 28, 2013

December 21, 2012 – Late Deadline

The NexTv Talent Search for Directors & Actors aligns the industry’s top decision-makers with some of the brightest film and television talents of tomorrow.

This year’s NexTv Talent Search for Directors & Actors includes an optional “viewer’s choice” mini-competition, through which audience selection will determine five of the NexTv finalists. Participating submissions will be posted on the NexTv website one month after their receipt by NexTv, allowing online voters to cast their ballots for a favorite submission of the month. Whether your film is beloved by NexTv’s online audience or by its esteemed panel of industry judges, or both, success in the NexTv Talent Search can offer a considerable boost to your career. Actors and directors: submit your creative samples to the NexTv Talent Search for Directors & Actors today!

NexTv understands the value of industry mentorship and offers tremendous advantages to emerging talents ready to embrace their futures. Winners in each competitive category – including Comedy Director, Drama Director, Unscripted Director, Actor Age 17 and Younger, and Actor Age 18 and Older – will be announced in a press release delivered to more than 10,000 industry professionals and will be featured in a multimedia industry showcase that hints at a bold new future for Hollywood. The NexTv Grand Prize-winner will receive all of these benefits, as well as a trip to Los Angeles to embark on meetings with high-level industry players like Lynette Ramirez, Sr. Vice President of Development and Production at George Lopez Presents.

Applicants are encouraged to submit any materials – such as shorts, webisodes, monologues, or reels – that display their talents and excite viewers. Finalists will be selected based on overall quality of work and on perceived viability in the industry marketplace. Directors who submit samples of their work to NexTv will receive a free copy of The Producer’s Handbook, a guide filled with checklists, contracts, and expert advice on the business of industry salesmanship and personal branding. Actors who submit their creative samples will receive a free copy of The Actor’s Handbook, which unlocks the secrets to taking control of an acting career in just eight weeks.


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