Krakow – Poland
April 12 to 21, 2013
Upcoming Deadline: January 21

The 6th Annual OFF PLUS CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema strives to change the contemporary media market of Poland by breaking away from traditional constructs and forging exciting new alternatives. The festival showcases more than 100 films across unique categories of entry and is proud to promote bold voices and big ideas that truly embody the spirit of independent filmmaking. Hosted in Krakow, Off Plus takes full advantage of a local community thrilled by adventurous art, open dialogue, and the “intellectual underground.”

A 10-day celebration devoted to Polish and international independent cinema, Off Plus is particularly focused on giving support and visibility to filmmakers at the beginning of their careers. The centerpiece of the festival is an international filmmaking competition in which 12 talented directors vie for the Krakow Film Award of $100,000 USD. Selected by an international jury, the competition’s winner will also receive a grant from the Polish Film Institute in the amount of 1 Million PLN, to be used for the production of a film in Poland. Success at the Off Plus Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema is not only a high-profile celebration of your latest achievement, it’s a lucrative springboard to the next one…submit today!



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