January 10, 2013 – Regular Deadline

The  Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, now in its 37th year, is designed to expose filmgoers in the American South to a touring buffet of some of the very best offerings in independent cinema. Southern Circuit welcomes a range of films as diverse as the audiences it serves, showcasing an engaging lineup in theaters throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Participating Southern Circuit filmmakers are given the chance to travel with their films and engage directly with audiences in post-screening Q&As and other social events.

The Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers provides filmmakers with paid opportunities to participate in six-venue tours of the Southeastern United States, screen their films for new audiences, and engage filmgoers in discussions about the production and content of their works.

As more filmmakers embrace independent distribution as a viable option to reach audiences, Southern Circuit provides an interactive format that truly puts the filmmaker at the forefront of his or her own success. Live audience engagement and feedback can be invaluable to filmmakers navigating the waters of film marketing and distribution. Participating filmmakers receive a $400 USD honorarium per screening venue, and all travel costs – including airfare and fees, car rental, and gasoline – are covered. Filmmakers also receive a per diem stipend for lodging and meals.

Over the years, Southern Circuit’s increasing popularity and visibility have allowed an expansion of both its ambition and its reach. The “circuit” now includes four parallel tours for an anticipated total of 24 participating filmmakers. Each filmmaker will hit the road for an estimated 7 to 10 days, documenting his or her adventures on the Southern Circuit blog and sharing their work with eager audiences at museums, universities, performing arts centers, clubs, and parks across these nine states.

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