Panelists at CynKids tablet webinar shared some terrific insights on best practices to expand brands into the tablet realm.


bobbekins-chantal-harvey-tabletSome highlights:
–  Kids are finding their way to brand websites through tablet apps. As of March, PBS Kids is getting 13 million unique visitors a month, many directly from apps, said Abby Jenkins, director of content for PBS Kids Digital.


“We like to show variety in our apps, different characters, different aspects of the curriculum” to attract a variety of kids and parents, she said.

–  Discover-ability remains a challenge. “This is the biggest issue when developing apps for tablets,” said Caroline Fraser, VP, digital products and production, at Scholastic Media. Scholastic releases apps around big programming events and anniversaries, “so we have increased marketing muscle around them.”

–  When developing an app, don’t overlook the unique ergonomics of a 3-year old. “It’s very difficult for kids to move around with a heavy tablet,” said Mindy Brooks, Sesame Workshop director of research and education. “We don’t allow for tilting and moving the tablet within apps.” The other reason Sesame says no to tilting: “We don’t want the kids dropping and shattering mom’s iPad.” Fair enough.

–  Kids are interacting with content across multiple, emerging platforms. Keep up. “Technology is anything that was developed after you were born,” said Graham Farrar, president of Cupcake Digital’s iStoryTime. “You ignore a platform at your peril.”

Source: Cynopsis media.


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